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Download BUG FIXES - Remove ability to resupply all unlimited ammo objects - No longer able to use Sentry Gun pushing player into Titan Crate collision - No longer able to use RDX DemoPaks drop through first section of the 3rd and 4th upper hallways of both Titans - Away Bonus is now used when calculating in-game promotions - Improved communication with GameSpy Database - EU Duty RibbonPAC Duty Ribbon awarded correctly when all criteria are fulfilled - –≤Commander scorequot; statistic no longer resets to zero - Enabled tabbing to password field when using a dedicated server - News Tickers Speed time to display increased - When scrolling through the list in Multiplayer you no longer move both at the same time as the server info - EMP effect on Gunships reduced from 4 to 3 seconds allows the gunship to recover when throttled up at medium altitude - SL drone Tweaked the acceleration on the left right aiming for the bot.

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